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Follow the yellow path 0

Follow the yellow path

Every time I come across a path full of lights and signals that invites me to walk through it I cannot help but to think… “is this going to take me somewhere I don’t want to go?”… maybe It will be a good and steady walk but… I’m stubborn and I like to explore new ways as I build my own path through life…

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On the glass 0

On the glass

Every time you look at yourself in the mirror you see whatever you may want to see or simply whatever you may think you are… but when you look at people around you to find out how they feel about you, you will see the real image inside you, not that tricky reflection on the glass…

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Cloud trip 0

Cloud trip

Long time ago I heard an story about how everyone is riding a train called “life” and how people in your “life” rides your train and at certain points they have to get down and change “trains”… When I was getting a shoot of the sky and the train suddenly came by, I remembered about that and started thinking about how this train seemed to be going directly into the clouds… Is my train going there? not sure, but I would like you to be riding with me until our last stop… would you like to explore that path with...

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Dark silhouettes 0

Dark silhouettes

As if a higher entity were looking, stories are passing by in the form or black silhouettes, dancing in a ritual that will end as the sound of a heart beat crosses the whole town… and here I’m… thinking, dreaming, missing, feeling and waiting… waiting for a chance to hear your heart beat…

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Arc 0


Dark roads leading to an almost forgotten sunset, enlightened by small lives hanged there waiting for the next morning to get some rest… what if no one ever walks through this path? Does that mean that It never existed?

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The colors 0

The colors

A feast of colors roaming around in the sky, filling every single place in sight… I just wish there will be somebody here to tell me in details the feeling of this colors as the sun goes down once again before we can enjoy the night looking at the starry sky…

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