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Good/Bad afternoon 0

Good/Bad afternoon

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose… you will face the good and the bad side in several ways through life… but don’t be afraid to be on the bad side from time to time, be afraid of not learning anything from being there…

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City veins 0

City veins

Life in this city goes too fast, sometimes you will feel as if you can’t catch up with it… It seems as if the city were alive… everytime I got that feeling, I like to think that every crowded street at night are like the veins of this monster, carrying life here and there… just to feed the hunger of city

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Flying rays 0

Flying rays

There are some places in where the very idea of flying can be bend into a lie… those places amuse me with no restraint because I can see the things that I only dream about… flying rays in blue and dark tones, just perfect for my distorted eyes…

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Eternally waiting 0

Eternally waiting

As I went inside a temple in Kyoto, I found this girls waiting there… observing everything inside with a peaceful look… Are they waiting for someone to come? or are they waiting for something to get away? Anyways…the sight was great for me, once again, just as a casual guest

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Fallen star 0

Fallen star

Just when I thought that stars could only be found in the dark void of the sky, I found myself looking at a fallen star near the sea… I know this star will like to drown itself in the vast ocean on top of it…

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Fisherman reflections 1

Fisherman reflections

When the sun is about to set, reflections on the water are more than light bouncing here and there… they resemble the thoughts of the people who are reflected on it… as if we could see them clear and brightly… enjoy the show! because its over as the sun goes away :)

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