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Endless fun 0

Endless fun

I think I was not cut out for standing still… if there is even a small chance, I will make a run for it, I will try and chase it, I will have fun and laugh until it hurts and then keep enjoying… because I prefer to try and fail, to make and success, to do and enjoy, bearing with all the consequences… rather than regretting about not fighting against my fears…

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Forward 0


…no matter if I have to go against the trends, no matter how many obstacles stand on my way, no matter how many hands try to hold me back… I will keep going walking forward, towards the edge of my limitations to push the boundaries and accomplish my objectives… until the very end.

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Bystander 0


Here I am, observing the flow of life passing through while patiently waiting for the next gust of wind… a ride with no clear destination where new life will open a window to different panorama…

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The sight is ours 0

The sight is ours

You are part of my imaginary universe… living in a surreal world which is changing every second… and every moment creates a story that paints itself on the landscape… we are still far from being wise, but every time we look inside ourselves, we find out that we are getting better at enjoying this transit through life…

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Framed 0


Capturing the life, one frame at a time… in a timeless representation of an alternative world were the path goes up, right into oblivion. An open door welcomes casual strangers to find a place inside a story, written by every footstep left behind…

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Calling 0


I suddenly get a rush of thoughts that keep telling me to jump, even if I dont see the bottom… A natural instinct of curiosity makes me take a look into the vast and dark ocean of ideas that populate this container… then i realize that I have already jumped and dive into the sky…

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