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Gathering 0


In order to cross the sacred gate, every soul should wait until the right time comes… you can call it the sunset of every living being. Once they gather around the afterlife gates there is no turn back… but who knows… maybe there isn’t a clear path ahead of it… one day we will realize what’s on the other side…

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Distant generations 0

Distant generations

They had not lived in the same period, they had walked their own path and dreamed about thousand different things… yet, they “clash” under the holy door… different generations, a single belief… and once again, I keep watching how the scene unfreezes and everything comes back to what it is supposed to be…

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Changing roles 0

Changing roles

This time I’m the one “watching”, as people comes and goes around this aquarium… they came here to know a bit more about the life under the sea… so did I.. But I also came to see how they look around this dark environment filled with water and living dreams…

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Beautiful night 0

Beautiful night

What would you expect to see in a beautiful night if the moon is about to hide itself among the clouds?… Not sure if you had seen it but, there are some who likes to dance around colored water as if it were a ritual to recover the moonlight…

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Secretly watching 0

Secretly watching

In a random “photo hunting” day, I noticed that someone was looking at me while I was pointing my camera at the gates of a temple in Tokyo… I didn’t felt awkward… in fact, I felt as if she was playing a game in where she was the main player… so be it, this is your post, my “secretly watcher”

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