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Guardian dolls 0

Guardian dolls

Colored beings guide me through the journey to the unconscious realm of my thoughts… spinning around with the wind produced by the birth of a new idea and waiting for the perfect timing to take off and explore that blue canvas… a place to engrave knowledge available for those willing to take the challenge of freedom…

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Blurred fortune 0

Blurred fortune

I tried to glance at my future… staring at the lines inked on a white leaf… I thought for a second that I was looking at a reflection of a scratched present spiced with tones of hope for a better be… just to realize that I should not be looking down, but walking forward…

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Chasing the sunset 0

Chasing the sunset

I still like to run around trying to chase the sunset… trying to find the source while enjoying every single ray of light to play around and enjoy… enjoy the simple things that I can find here…

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And we found each other 0

And we found each other

I keep walking around this reality… with nothing more than my true self to share… as I keep advancing I find new people to open my mind with… sometimes they share some thoughts too while we go through a similar path… but even after we lost sight of each other, memories keep them close in the realm of our minds… those are my friends, every single one created a part of this life, to be shared by everyone of us…

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Getting lost 0

Getting lost

No matter how much information you may have at your hand… no matter how much advice you could receive… no matter how good the road/means are… if you don’t know where you want to be and what you want to achieve, you will get lost… and I’m not talking about the road.

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Is someone listening?… 1

Is someone listening?…

…when I look for a starting point, I often sit down and look around, trying to reach peace of mind… I tend to speak to the clouds when I look up in the sky, giving my craziest ideas room to run free… Like if sending my thoughts far above will take up, into an endless journey full of discoveries…

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