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New paths open in front of us, leading to new horizons while showing a new way to enjoy the trip… Sometimes the path might be rough, but think about what lies beyond while surfing through the road

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The room 0

The room

There is a room inside my head colored by the grey tones of an unusual peace… There is no way in, but I often find myself looking outside while sitting in there, wondering…

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Free fall 1

Free fall

I bet you had also thought about it… Ohhh How good could it be to just let everything go and start flying… Ride the wind and free your mind… And let the bad feelings die in an elegant free fall…

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Eating the sun 2

Eating the sun

The clouds painted an uncommon face over the sky, as if everything were staged and was just triggered by the sound of the birds passing by… The sun light was about to be “eaten” in an ancient ceremony that brings the moonlight back to our world..

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Looking ahead 0

Looking ahead

We sailed looking for a better sight of life itself… we have navigated through rough seas and have seen many sunsets being drawn over the sky… but right now I can see the answer I’ve been looking for, and its not out there… is looking in the same direction as I am… …and that’s my best guess of what they are thinking :P

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Looking for the sun 0

Looking for the sun

I keep finding “lessons” hidden here and there when I look into the simple things around me… Know where your goal is, and no matter that sometimes you would not be able to see it clearly, know that is there, don’t lose sight and keep trying… and you will find the reward to your effort soon enough…

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