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Shared victory 0

Shared victory

When I look back and see everything we have achieved so far, I remember how all this could not be possible if you were not here by my side… we have our own victories and bad times but what really counts is the obstacles we have taken down by doing our best together… I’m not sure how long we are going to be like this, but hey! if feels great when you are by my side to give me the strength to keep trying… and sometimes, just sometimes, that reaches some other people with a bright light…

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All I can see 0

All I can see

As the sun goes down at the edge of the world, silhouettes start appearing before the city lights up… as I look deep into the darkness created by the light, I thought about the path that leads to the bright side and how there are times when is really difficult to see, even when the sky is full of light. But we can always try following those tracks called “instinct” to reach the next step from where the path might look clearer…

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I’m here 0

I’m here

Even if everything were to fall apart right now, even if everyone were to disappear suddenly in front of you, even if the light were to be hiding so we couldn’t see, and even if my whole universe were to collapse in front of my eyes… don’t worry (^~^) I’ll be here for you until the very end, no matter how long I have to hang in there…

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Parallel 0


Parallel, mirroring or side by side… It might does not mean “doing the same thing” or “seeing in the same direction” but most of the times it means “complement”, “a different sight” or “support”… just pay attention to how it “feels”

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Crowd 2


Lost in the crowd, where no one has a face or a name and no one knows or cares about your own existence… information everywhere, lots of information everywhere… everything gets even more confusing… that’s how it is: the more you know, the more you ask questions without answers… but if you focus your sight, not outside but inside, you will see that you still are what you are, and the people you care about is there… by your side…

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(We are not) Stones 3

(We are not) Stones

Looking at the horizon, holding the ground that seems to be their own… waiting… waiting for something that may come any time… usually the less expected moment… sometimes the loneliness will hit hard, but faith and perseverance are stronger if you embrace your dreams… dream and start moving towards that point where you will start building your own fate…

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