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Parallel 0


Parallel, mirroring or side by side… It might does not mean “doing the same thing” or “seeing in the same direction” but most of the times it means “complement”, “a different sight” or “support”… just pay attention to how it “feels”

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Crowd 2


Lost in the crowd, where no one has a face or a name and no one knows or cares about your own existence… information everywhere, lots of information everywhere… everything gets even more confusing… that’s how it is: the more you know, the more you ask questions without answers… but if you focus your sight, not outside but inside, you will see that you still are what you are, and the people you care about is there… by your side…

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El biologo que nunca sere 9

El biologo que nunca sere

El dia de hoy desperte con un recuerdo que de cierta forma parecia que no se me despegaria en todo el dia.. y asi fue… el recuerdo que me ataco el dia de hoy fue de cuando queria ser Biologo Marino. :) Asi es, aunque usted no lo crea, esta ardilla geek-gadgetera algun dia quiso seguir los pasos de Jacques Yves Cousteau (si no saben quien es den click AQUI) y explorar/estudiar los rincones “azules” de nuestro planeta tierra… Desde niño siempre me llamo mucho la atencion las ciencias naturales y todo lo relacionado con su estudio, sobre todo cuando...

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(We are not) Stones 3

(We are not) Stones

Looking at the horizon, holding the ground that seems to be their own… waiting… waiting for something that may come any time… usually the less expected moment… sometimes the loneliness will hit hard, but faith and perseverance are stronger if you embrace your dreams… dream and start moving towards that point where you will start building your own fate…

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Follow the yellow path 0

Follow the yellow path

Every time I come across a path full of lights and signals that invites me to walk through it I cannot help but to think… “is this going to take me somewhere I don’t want to go?”… maybe It will be a good and steady walk but… I’m stubborn and I like to explore new ways as I build my own path through life…

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On the glass 0

On the glass

Every time you look at yourself in the mirror you see whatever you may want to see or simply whatever you may think you are… but when you look at people around you to find out how they feel about you, you will see the real image inside you, not that tricky reflection on the glass…

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