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Falling down 0

Falling down

Do you remember? that weird feeling… when in the middle of a dream you just start falling down out of the blue and you just keep looking at the sky, wondering… “why?”… and you just keep falling down… until you wake up, scared and with the same question…

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Peaceful thoughts 0

Peaceful thoughts

Laying down on a green carpet… looking at the movement of the clouds while trying to find weird shapes on them… getting blinded by the sunlight from time to time… here I am, thinking about how relaxing this is… I don’t even care if the world is about to crumble down right now because I’m in peace… Want to join me here?

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The farthest branch 2

The farthest branch

As I stretch my arm inside the tree, I realize that the best stuff wont never be easy to get… just look at those tangerines hanging on the farthest branch… I bet those are sweet :) lets try once again!

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Break free 0

Break free

Trapped in a world that is not yours, looking outside through the glass realizing everything that you are missing… don’t be afraid and break some rules, there is nothing to fear and the only one setting the barriers is yourself… break free and learn to love that feeling…

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Keep going 0

Keep going

…and we keep walking, through mountains and valleys that bring challenges and insecure moments… it has been hard, but as I take a look around and realize that you are here and that we can laugh together, all the tiredness disappears… and we keep walking our path together…

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Waiting for the chance 0

Waiting for the chance

Hiding while everyone is passing by, observing the situation carefully, waiting for that single moment when the odds are on his side… or it’s simply that he likes to watch how we live our life… Not really sure but there he was, waiting for the chance to show himself in the middle of the night.

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