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Waiting… 0


…for the sun to disappear because they want to enjoy the show that is about to start… some of them look at the sky, while some others look at the eyes of their loved ones… at this time I’m all alone among this crowd, taking for myself the moment of this sight…

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Tech on the go 1

Tech on the go

Isn’t it great that you can share everything you want anytime you want by simply pulling out your mobile phone? Isn’t it impossible for you to imagine a world with all the gadgets we can use on our daily life? Isn’t the girl in the picture cute? (^w^)

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New sight 0

New sight

No matter how many times I walk around this city, every single time it has something new for me… a new road, a new building, a cute smile or simply the fact of realizing how beautiful a sunset can be in shades of gray when you just stand in a different place…

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Where? 1


You might thought about it… you might not… probably you care a lot… probably you don’t… in my case, sometimes I wonder why people try to put “divinities” in such a small place when they have the whole universe to be… I mean, just look above that “building”!… anyways, that’s just “a point of view”…

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It’s all about emotions 1

It’s all about emotions

I’ve always been amazed by clowns/mimes who are able to show tons of expressions and emotions just to make you laugh with a trivial story… that’s the real thing! and we should be enjoying all those small details in life… so lets learn one or two things from this clown…

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Drawing shadows 2

Drawing shadows

Sometimes I feel like if I can control my environment when the shutter is release… maybe its not “controlling” but “showing” how I play with it in my mind, where everything is kinda sick-sad-nonsense and full of gray tones… but I love that, as much as I like the to play with shadows in my photos :)

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