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Poniendo a “chambear” a mi bicicleta 5

Poniendo a “chambear” a mi bicicleta

Desde hace unas par de meses he agarrado un “habito” muy saludable junto a uno de mis amigos… el poner a “chambear” a la bicicleta… o por lo menos asi lo hemos llamado jajaja por que segun dice Rubel (de Bangladesh) tenemos que hacer que la bicicleta desquite lo que nos costo. El chiste de todo esto es que estamos aprovechando un poco del tiempo libre que tenemos los fines de semana para agarrar la bicicleta y salir a recorrer 東京[Tokyo] y sus alrededores, sin importar si vamos a lugares que ya hemos visitado antes. Aun cuando hemos pensado en...

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Sunday walk 3

Sunday walk

“There is nothing better than a Sunday walking by the beach, enjoying the sunset and how it draws black silhouettes on the red/orange background, listening to the sound of waves crashing into the sand mixed with the voice of the one holding your hand…” and that’s my guess of what are they thinking…

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Are you looking at me? 2

Are you looking at me?

You must remember the “one and only” rule for squirrels… they look cute and fluffy but they are killing machines… so, be afraid ’cause squirrels someday will rule the world as we know it… Damn… maybe I said to much :P forget about everything and remain calm human :)

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Spring night 1

Spring night

One of those nights when you just want to escape from the big concrete cell that everyone calls “city”… and you’re not the only one there, admiring the beauty that nature has for every single living being. Enjoy, my friend, because we don’t know if we’re going to able to do that again…

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Water 0


Drops of life jumping here and there… playing around as little kids while enjoying the sun rays in a warm saturday afternoon… it’s a show that I enjoy as if it were meant to be only seen by me… cyclic pattern that seems to go on forever…

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Purifying reflections 0

Purifying reflections

You try to find yourself reflectled in the water but suddenly you are not there… Why? Is it maybe that you need to be purified? Then you wash away the impure thougts and look again just to realize that you were there the whole time…

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