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A bit of music in your life

You have no idea how or even why… it is just there, inside yourself… that feeling that goes crazy every time you play that tune… every time you take your musical tool for a quick sun bath near the sea… every time a casual passerby stops to listen your story. And at the end, yet again, you don’t care about how or why, because it is more than enough to be enjoying it from the bottom of your soul.

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To the end of the darkness 0

To the end of the darkness

So we begin our journey to unknown places… but there are times when the path turns pitch black and we feel lost and desperate… it takes only a deep breath and a bit of time to think in order to be able to “see” the bight path again… I know it’s not that easy, but remember… use the best weapon in your arsenal: confidence!

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Fight stories in B/W 0

Fight stories in B/W

This is the place where we meet… a sacred placed where we put our pride in the line… after years of practice, we are about to face each other for just a few seconds… even though it feels like the time flow gets suddenly slow and everything becomes blur… well then, our time has to keep going on, and one of us is about to rise…

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