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Forward 0


…no matter if I have to go against the trends, no matter how many obstacles stand on my way, no matter how many hands try to hold me back… I will keep going walking forward, towards the edge of my limitations to push the boundaries and accomplish my objectives… until the very end.

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Ringside 0


I open up my eyes as the sun goes up, a new day begins… it’s time to jump in the “ring” we all call “life” and fight with myself once again, to overcome the challenges and defeat the doubts and fears that doesn’t let me advance…

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Fight stories in B/W 0

Fight stories in B/W

This is the place where we meet… a sacred placed where we put our pride in the line… after years of practice, we are about to face each other for just a few seconds… even though it feels like the time flow gets suddenly slow and everything becomes blur… well then, our time has to keep going on, and one of us is about to rise…

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