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Bystander 0


Here I am, observing the flow of life passing through while patiently waiting for the next gust of wind… a ride with no clear destination where new life will open a window to different panorama…

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The place where you are 0

The place where you are

No matter if the environment is not your “natural” habitat, no matter if the “air” around you is polluted and the conditions seem harsh… there will be always chances to grow and flourish if you are willing to “keep living”… and who knows… there might be better chances to outstand and be original, so… give it a try!

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Exile 1


I found you in a remote place, far away from everything, while I was trying to save myself from the madness inside my head… you showed me your internal beauty, spiced up by the emptiness of the environment around us… a peaceful feeling embraced us when we realized that this exile was no more, because we found each other just in time to enjoy the rest of our life…

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