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Reaching 0


I might be just a tiny bit of this universe… I might be just a small part of this world… and I’m sure I’m just one more inhabitant of this city… but that does not stop me to try and reach high objectives… it takes a lot of work, but I’m damn sure the reward is sweet and the view is great… and that will give me a chance to find a new challenge to take on, where the experiences gained so far will allow me to fly even higher…

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Free fall 1

Free fall

I bet you had also thought about it… Ohhh How good could it be to just let everything go and start flying… Ride the wind and free your mind… And let the bad feelings die in an elegant free fall…

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Fly! 0


One of the oldest “dreams” of human kind… flying. Even though we are not meant to, some people struggle to make it real even for a moment… ’cause it feels great!

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