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Calling 0


I suddenly get a rush of thoughts that keep telling me to jump, even if I dont see the bottom… A natural instinct of curiosity makes me take a look into the vast and dark ocean of ideas that populate this container… then i realize that I have already jumped and dive into the sky…

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Tech on the go 1

Tech on the go

Isn’t it great that you can share everything you want anytime you want by simply pulling out your mobile phone? Isn’t it impossible for you to imagine a world with all the gadgets we can use on our daily life? Isn’t the girl in the picture cute? (^w^)

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Secretly watching 0

Secretly watching

In a random “photo hunting” day, I noticed that someone was looking at me while I was pointing my camera at the gates of a temple in Tokyo… I didn’t felt awkward… in fact, I felt as if she was playing a game in where she was the main player… so be it, this is your post, my “secretly watcher”

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