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Looking back I see myself reflected in an unfamiliar reality that is not my own… in which the environment seems to be trying to engulf whatever trespasses into this realm. Twisted shadows and paths that make no sense fill the scene that unfolds before my eyes… the only thing that remains straightforward is my own trail…

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Una vuelta por la universidad 5

Una vuelta por la universidad

Que tranza! Pues aqui nada mas para dejarles un video que grabe hace poco… es un simple “tour” por un par de lugares del Tokyo Institute of Technology, la universidad donde estudie mi maestria y doctorado. Pues bueno, en el video explico un poco de los lugares que frecuentaba durante mi estancia en el Tokyo Tech… espero que no se me salga la lagrimita al ver este video en el futuro :P jajaja Ojala les haya gustado… y si no, pues ya saben el procedimiento… :P Camara!

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Guardian dolls 0

Guardian dolls

Colored beings guide me through the journey to the unconscious realm of my thoughts… spinning around with the wind produced by the birth of a new idea and waiting for the perfect timing to take off and explore that blue canvas… a place to engrave knowledge available for those willing to take the challenge of freedom…

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Blurred fortune 0

Blurred fortune

I tried to glance at my future… staring at the lines inked on a white leaf… I thought for a second that I was looking at a reflection of a scratched present spiced with tones of hope for a better be… just to realize that I should not be looking down, but walking forward…

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City veins 0

City veins

Life in this city goes too fast, sometimes you will feel as if you can’t catch up with it… It seems as if the city were alive… everytime I got that feeling, I like to think that every crowded street at night are like the veins of this monster, carrying life here and there… just to feed the hunger of city

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Flying rays 0

Flying rays

There are some places in where the very idea of flying can be bend into a lie… those places amuse me with no restraint because I can see the things that I only dream about… flying rays in blue and dark tones, just perfect for my distorted eyes…

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