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New Blog – Life through the lens 4

New Blog – Life through the lens

(Spanish follows english, but the explanation is a bit different) Hello everyone! I’m writing in english one more time just to introduce you a new blog in which I’m participating with some friends who are also living in Japan. The name of this new project is “Life through the lens” and it’s a photo-blog in where we will try to tell short stories by using photos taken by us… it’s a kind of “artistical-nonsense” photoblog that will show a bit of what we think about our pictures and the motivations behind it. So, we hope that you all will like...

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Light path 3

Light path

Candles in the snow invite us go with the flow of the moment… as if while being mesmerized by their beauty it will take us to another world

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Wish… 3


Sometimes… even if you don’t believe, you will end up following the traditions of the country where you are living… in my case, I choose to follow the costum of painting the “Daruma” eyes You have to “fill” one eye when you “start” a project or if you have a goal to accomplish, and you will fill the other one when you finally reach your objective… This Daruma will be observing me with one eye as I reach my goal here in Japan…

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