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Pensamientos acerca de la vida…

Nota: solo estoy reviviendo un post que habia escrito en ingles hace 5 años. Al llegar a este mundo no tenemos otra opcion mas que vivir en base a nuestros instintos… dependemos del cuidado de nuestros padres para crecer y ser capaces de desarrollar nuestra propia base de conocimiento… una coleccion de lecciones de vida… la cual reunimos a base de un proceso de “prueba y error”, algunas veces doloroso, algunas veces interesante, y todo para darnos cuanta que algunas veces somos mas fragiles e incapaces de lo que pensabamos… Aprendemos a caminar despues de caer una y otra vez…...

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New paths open in front of us, leading to new horizons while showing a new way to enjoy the trip… Sometimes the path might be rough, but think about what lies beyond while surfing through the road

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Looking for the sun

I keep finding “lessons” hidden here and there when I look into the simple things around me… Know where your goal is, and no matter that sometimes you would not be able to see it clearly, know that is there, don’t lose sight and keep trying… and you will find the reward to your effort soon enough…

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I open up my eyes as the sun goes up, a new day begins… it’s time to jump in the “ring” we all call “life” and fight with myself once again, to overcome the challenges and defeat the doubts and fears that doesn’t let me advance…

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It starts with nothing but innocence and an initial help from the root of their very existence… it keeps growing as it feds itself from shared dreams and smiles… it reaches its most beautiful state as those dreams come true and new ones come along through the path they leave behind… “Love”… the difference with this flowers is that love can live as much as we fight for it…

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Enduring every second as the time goes by, holding my breath every time the cold air try to drive me away, smiling when all those raindrops hit my face, dreaming about our world when the moon shows its figure up in the sky, remembering every step we have walked when the sunset fills the sky in red tones, bearing the pain of the whole silence when I close my eyes… I will keep standing on my feet, so when the time comes I will be able to look at your eyes…

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