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Going… 4


When you finally find your path, that road that you truly believe that would be able to take you there where your dreams can come true, you don’t even think and start walking… no matter what others might say, because it feels right from the bottom of your heart and the risks look more like a challenge than a barrier… keep walking, I’m right here by your side and we will make it all the way there…

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What’s your next move? 0

What’s your next move?

You thought you’ve got all well planned, you hoped that everything was going to be what you expected… but everything suddenly changed right before your eyes and you lost the upper hand… It’s time to rise and face it your all your might! act quick and think ahead of yourself… and while you are at it, enjoy it!

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(We are not) Stones 3

(We are not) Stones

Looking at the horizon, holding the ground that seems to be their own… waiting… waiting for something that may come any time… usually the less expected moment… sometimes the loneliness will hit hard, but faith and perseverance are stronger if you embrace your dreams… dream and start moving towards that point where you will start building your own fate…

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