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Dark silhouettes 0

Dark silhouettes

As if a higher entity were looking, stories are passing by in the form or black silhouettes, dancing in a ritual that will end as the sound of a heart beat crosses the whole town… and here I’m… thinking, dreaming, missing, feeling and waiting… waiting for a chance to hear your heart beat…

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The road in front of us 0

The road in front of us

Sometimes we just happen to find a road in where you can’t clearly see how the “trip” will be… but if you know that something special is at the end of that path… take a risk and walk your way through it and reach your goal! no matter what difficulties you might find during your journey… whatever you deserve will be there waiting for you if you do your best…

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Walking around 0

Walking around

Wandering around walking in circles, trying to find myself reflected in any of these lights that suddenly blinds me… I wonder if someone else is watching the same scene through the window while I keep walking trying to find some words to write down what I’m thinking…

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The night is ours 0

The night is ours

There are a lot of people gathering around a small stage to watch someone playing music… but you know… I’m not paying attention to it… I’m looking at the colors around the place and how they merge with the sky above us… and the only think I can think about is how can we share and enjoy this night and keep it our mind…

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Searching 0


And here I am… trying to find you in a place where you’re not around… lost in the crowd, I keep looking around but you are no where to be found… I keep walking down the street just to find myself making in circles in my mind while everyone else around is just living their own dream or nightmare without giving a damn to what I’m thinking… I guess its time to go look somewhere else…

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Sleepless nights 1

Sleepless nights

I really hate those nights when I cannot sleep even if I try… recently I’ve been having a lot of those… just wandering around in my thoughts as if I were looking for something that I know its not there… the only good side about it is that sometimes I’m able to have a different view point of the stuff around me…

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