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Hey there… thanks for having me again today. You know, I have been thinking about the ocean that lives behind your place… everyone seems to be in good terms with it going back and forth all day, yet no one wants it to be close this sacred place. But you guys are really good friends… last time he was around everything else got wrecked, but you didn’t even ran away. It was like if you said “welcome back, make yourself at home and enjoy your time here”, just like you seem to say to everyone as soon as they enter...

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I suddenly get a rush of thoughts that keep telling me to jump, even if I dont see the bottom… A natural instinct of curiosity makes me take a look into the vast and dark ocean of ideas that populate this container… then i realize that I have already jumped and dive into the sky…

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Fallen star 0

Fallen star

Just when I thought that stars could only be found in the dark void of the sky, I found myself looking at a fallen star near the sea… I know this star will like to drown itself in the vast ocean on top of it…

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