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Looking ahead 0

Looking ahead

We sailed looking for a better sight of life itself… we have navigated through rough seas and have seen many sunsets being drawn over the sky… but right now I can see the answer I’ve been looking for, and its not out there… is looking in the same direction as I am… …and that’s my best guess of what they are thinking :P

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Internal landmarks 0

Internal landmarks

Memories, conversations and untold lessons… the raw knowledge that creates the roots for a new beginning, the wisdom that does not know how to perish but always grows up… all that is left for those who are “growing”, in ways that can always be reached in ours minds, as landmarks that are always visible from any place inside yourself…

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Reborn 0


Something I will always find amazing is how nature gets back on track no matter how hard and hopeless the situation may seem… As we human beings are part of the environment, we grow and become part of it, or depending on the situation it may become part of us. But sometimes we have to pay the price of being part of the circle… but as nature itself does, we regain our strength by working together to raise again and reborn anew, stronger and wiser… for us, for everyone…

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Afternoon by the pond 0

Afternoon by the pond

One of those days when I just step outside without a plan, just to walk around a neighborhood I already know… I sit down on the same old bench which welcomes me anytime I visit this place… suddenly I find myself lost in a deep and complicated thought, the air becomes heavy and I feel like if it were pushing me down… but a reflection over the water pulls my head to watch at the sky again… “you cannot miss this! enjoy it!” suddenly pops out in my head with a familiar voice in a different language and I can...

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Hope 0


You woke up this morning and realized how dark the world is… you look around and suddenly you see nothing but difficulties and obstacles that made your sight gray… let me tell you something I’ve been learning with every hit I got by living… trust in yourself, remember that there will always be hope, be close to the people who cares about you and take care of them because they will give you the strength you need to stand up… and at the end you will be able to see the light cutting down all the darkness…

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(We are not) Stones 3

(We are not) Stones

Looking at the horizon, holding the ground that seems to be their own… waiting… waiting for something that may come any time… usually the less expected moment… sometimes the loneliness will hit hard, but faith and perseverance are stronger if you embrace your dreams… dream and start moving towards that point where you will start building your own fate…

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