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The colors 0

The colors

A feast of colors roaming around in the sky, filling every single place in sight… I just wish there will be somebody here to tell me in details the feeling of this colors as the sun goes down once again before we can enjoy the night looking at the starry sky…

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Peaceful thoughts 0

Peaceful thoughts

Laying down on a green carpet… looking at the movement of the clouds while trying to find weird shapes on them… getting blinded by the sunlight from time to time… here I am, thinking about how relaxing this is… I don’t even care if the world is about to crumble down right now because I’m in peace… Want to join me here?

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Lonely star 0

Lonely star

Have you ever look at the sky and find out that there is only one star shining over the whole place?… well, sometimes there is. Sometimes we feel like that, but we must have to look at the whole scene because, as the “lonely” star, we are not alone… it’s just matter of “point of view”… we are never alone, there are “stars” around you… がんばれ!

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Cloud valley 0

Cloud valley

I love to find new landscapes, specially those which are “hidden” somewhere… I was looking through the window when I realize that I was looking at a valley made of fluffy clouds that invite me to walk around it, even if I cannot… but hey, who knows… maybe someday I will be able to do it :)

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Fallen star 0

Fallen star

Just when I thought that stars could only be found in the dark void of the sky, I found myself looking at a fallen star near the sea… I know this star will like to drown itself in the vast ocean on top of it…

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