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Enduring every second as the time goes by, holding my breath every time the cold air try to drive me away, smiling when all those raindrops hit my face, dreaming about our world when the moon shows its figure up in the sky, remembering every step we have walked when the sunset fills the sky in red tones, bearing the pain of the whole silence when I close my eyes… I will keep standing on my feet, so when the time comes I will be able to look at your eyes…

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Crowd 2


Lost in the crowd, where no one has a face or a name and no one knows or cares about your own existence… information everywhere, lots of information everywhere… everything gets even more confusing… that’s how it is: the more you know, the more you ask questions without answers… but if you focus your sight, not outside but inside, you will see that you still are what you are, and the people you care about is there… by your side…

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