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Endless fun 0

Endless fun

I think I was not cut out for standing still… if there is even a small chance, I will make a run for it, I will try and chase it, I will have fun and laugh until it hurts and then keep enjoying… because I prefer to try and fail, to make and success, to do and enjoy, bearing with all the consequences… rather than regretting about not fighting against my fears…

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Chasing the sunset 0

Chasing the sunset

I still like to run around trying to chase the sunset… trying to find the source while enjoying every single ray of light to play around and enjoy… enjoy the simple things that I can find here…

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Eating the sun 2

Eating the sun

The clouds painted an uncommon face over the sky, as if everything were staged and was just triggered by the sound of the birds passing by… The sun light was about to be “eaten” in an ancient ceremony that brings the moonlight back to our world..

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Afternoon by the pond 0

Afternoon by the pond

One of those days when I just step outside without a plan, just to walk around a neighborhood I already know… I sit down on the same old bench which welcomes me anytime I visit this place… suddenly I find myself lost in a deep and complicated thought, the air becomes heavy and I feel like if it were pushing me down… but a reflection over the water pulls my head to watch at the sky again… “you cannot miss this! enjoy it!” suddenly pops out in my head with a familiar voice in a different language and I can...

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All I can see 0

All I can see

As the sun goes down at the edge of the world, silhouettes start appearing before the city lights up… as I look deep into the darkness created by the light, I thought about the path that leads to the bright side and how there are times when is really difficult to see, even when the sky is full of light. But we can always try following those tracks called “instinct” to reach the next step from where the path might look clearer…

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Arc 0


Dark roads leading to an almost forgotten sunset, enlightened by small lives hanged there waiting for the next morning to get some rest… what if no one ever walks through this path? Does that mean that It never existed?

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