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The colors 0

The colors

A feast of colors roaming around in the sky, filling every single place in sight… I just wish there will be somebody here to tell me in details the feeling of this colors as the sun goes down once again before we can enjoy the night looking at the starry sky…

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Keep going 0

Keep going

…and we keep walking, through mountains and valleys that bring challenges and insecure moments… it has been hard, but as I take a look around and realize that you are here and that we can laugh together, all the tiredness disappears… and we keep walking our path together…

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From here 0

From here

Right before the sun was about to hide, I came to this place to take a rest… as usual, nature had a pleasant show for every single being willing to watch, so I decided to take a look from here… thoughts, memories and some other non-sense stuff were passing through my mind at that time… that’s why I love sunsets…

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Sunlight 0


Look out there… you are missing this moment, prepared by nature itself for us… I’m already here, sitting by the grass while I day-dream about something that is about to come… come and join me, in both my dreams and this sunset, you won’t regret ;) – To whomever wants to share a wild dream.

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Friendship 0


We are never alone, there will always be a friend that will listen to our rants and adventures… and sometimes a friend is the only one that can pull you out of a dark well, as if the light were following their words…

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Waiting… 0


…for the sun to disappear because they want to enjoy the show that is about to start… some of them look at the sky, while some others look at the eyes of their loved ones… at this time I’m all alone among this crowd, taking for myself the moment of this sight…

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