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Framed 0


Capturing the life, one frame at a time… in a timeless representation of an alternative world were the path goes up, right into oblivion. An open door welcomes casual strangers to find a place inside a story, written by every footstep left behind…

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Guardian dolls 0

Guardian dolls

Colored beings guide me through the journey to the unconscious realm of my thoughts… spinning around with the wind produced by the birth of a new idea and waiting for the perfect timing to take off and explore that blue canvas… a place to engrave knowledge available for those willing to take the challenge of freedom…

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Blurred fortune 0

Blurred fortune

I tried to glance at my future… staring at the lines inked on a white leaf… I thought for a second that I was looking at a reflection of a scratched present spiced with tones of hope for a better be… just to realize that I should not be looking down, but walking forward…

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Visiting 0


When we had done everything we could possibly do but still we feel like it won’t be enough… and we had talked with the people close to us looking for advise but we cannot find what is missing… there will be always somebody who will listen no matter how hard or impossible it may seem… we just have to find the correct place to raise our voice in silence…

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Purifying reflections 0

Purifying reflections

You try to find yourself reflectled in the water but suddenly you are not there… Why? Is it maybe that you need to be purified? Then you wash away the impure thougts and look again just to realize that you were there the whole time…

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Eternally waiting 0

Eternally waiting

As I went inside a temple in Kyoto, I found this girls waiting there… observing everything inside with a peaceful look… Are they waiting for someone to come? or are they waiting for something to get away? Anyways…the sight was great for me, once again, just as a casual guest

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