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Peaceful thoughts 0

Peaceful thoughts

Laying down on a green carpet… looking at the movement of the clouds while trying to find weird shapes on them… getting blinded by the sunlight from time to time… here I am, thinking about how relaxing this is… I don’t even care if the world is about to crumble down right now because I’m in peace… Want to join me here?

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Narrow streets 1

Narrow streets

Walking by a narrow street could give you claustrophobia… but rather than that, it somehow inspire me to capture the moment in which everyone can walk with themselves… a moment to think, a moment to live…

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Good/Bad afternoon 0

Good/Bad afternoon

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose… you will face the good and the bad side in several ways through life… but don’t be afraid to be on the bad side from time to time, be afraid of not learning anything from being there…

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