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Hey there… thanks for having me again today. You know, I have been thinking about the ocean that lives behind your place… everyone seems to be in good terms with it going back and forth all day, yet no one wants it to be close this sacred place. But you guys are really good friends… last time he was around everything else got wrecked, but you didn’t even ran away. It was like if you said “welcome back, make yourself at home and enjoy your time here”, just like you seem to say to everyone as soon as they enter...

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Shadow 0


Shadow I think I finally got what people mean when they say that shadows exists because there is light that lets you keep going forward… I found a light in my path and I want to find out where it comes from… but I’m afraid to find out that I’m just a shadow of someone who was standing here before me… but it might be the case that I will find out that I’m the one to be followed… it’s just matter of time…

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Shared victory 0

Shared victory

When I look back and see everything we have achieved so far, I remember how all this could not be possible if you were not here by my side… we have our own victories and bad times but what really counts is the obstacles we have taken down by doing our best together… I’m not sure how long we are going to be like this, but hey! if feels great when you are by my side to give me the strength to keep trying… and sometimes, just sometimes, that reaches some other people with a bright light…

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The farthest branch 2

The farthest branch

As I stretch my arm inside the tree, I realize that the best stuff wont never be easy to get… just look at those tangerines hanging on the farthest branch… I bet those are sweet :) lets try once again!

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