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And we keep walking… 0

And we keep walking…

We have been walking for a while, fighting against the coldness of the world and going through difficult paths… but here we are, leaving a trace for those who will come behind us… we keep learning from our mistakes and our bonds grow strong… don’t let go and hold my hand, lets keep walking and find out what lies ahead this snowy path…

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The colors 0

The colors

A feast of colors roaming around in the sky, filling every single place in sight… I just wish there will be somebody here to tell me in details the feeling of this colors as the sun goes down once again before we can enjoy the night looking at the starry sky…

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To the end of the darkness 0

To the end of the darkness

So we begin our journey to unknown places… but there are times when the path turns pitch black and we feel lost and desperate… it takes only a deep breath and a bit of time to think in order to be able to “see” the bight path again… I know it’s not that easy, but remember… use the best weapon in your arsenal: confidence!

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Sunday walk 3

Sunday walk

“There is nothing better than a Sunday walking by the beach, enjoying the sunset and how it draws black silhouettes on the red/orange background, listening to the sound of waves crashing into the sand mixed with the voice of the one holding your hand…” and that’s my guess of what are they thinking…

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