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New sight 0

New sight

No matter how many times I walk around this city, every single time it has something new for me… a new road, a new building, a cute smile or simply the fact of realizing how beautiful a sunset can be in shades of gray when you just stand in a different place…

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Flying rays 0

Flying rays

There are some places in where the very idea of flying can be bend into a lie… those places amuse me with no restraint because I can see the things that I only dream about… flying rays in blue and dark tones, just perfect for my distorted eyes…

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Changing roles 0

Changing roles

This time I’m the one “watching”, as people comes and goes around this aquarium… they came here to know a bit more about the life under the sea… so did I.. But I also came to see how they look around this dark environment filled with water and living dreams…

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Where am I supposed to go? 0

Where am I supposed to go?

I don’t like the feeling of being lost when I’m walking around the city… but sometimes I got the idea that the more I look for directions the more I got lost… Anyways, making your own path is also interesting…

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For everyone’s sake 0

For everyone’s sake

among all the people who wish something for themselves, there will always be someone who thinks about others As one of the candles say “みんなのしあわせ” (everyone’s happiness)… hope Makoto’s wish will be granted (Seen in Yokohama China Town)

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1年後で。。。 8


La verdad es que no sabia como empezar este post… es mas no sabia ni que escribir por que no quiero hacer esto tan largo… pero pues al final he decidido escribir solo que este pasando por mi cabeza en estos momentos… asi es que empiezo con un pequeño recuento/cronica de lo que ha sido este año de mi vida en la tierra del sol naciente… Nota: aunque aqui ya es 23 de septiembre, este post queda publicado pensando en el dia que sali de Mexico… ya saben… unas 14 horas de diferencia por zonas horarias.

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