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Sea phantom

Lurking in the deepest and darkest corners of your mind… your worst nightmare can be as beautiful as you may want to picture it in your dreams… just let it swim in your sea...


Lonely walk

There are times when people likes to have a walk by themselves to think about something… or just to enjoy to good weather.


Dark sunset

As the sunset draws near, some people “run” to enjoy the last minutes of light over the beach…


Where am I supposed to go?

I don’t like the feeling of being lost when I’m walking around the city… but sometimes I got the idea that the more I look for directions the more I got lost… Anyways, making...


For everyone's sake

among all the people who wish something for themselves, there will always be someone who thinks about others As one of the candles say “みんなのしあわせ” (everyone’s happiness)… hope Makoto’s wish will be granted (Seen...


Light path

Candles in the snow invite us go with the flow of the moment… as if while being mesmerized by their beauty it will take us to another world


Stop and Think!

Even if Tokyo is a crowded and stressful city, you can always “stop” and think where your next step forward will be…



Sometimes… even if you don’t believe, you will end up following the traditions of the country where you are living… in my case, I choose to follow the costum of painting the “Daruma” eyes...