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Here we are again my little friend… An appointment that had to wait for 2 years… but finally I’m here to “complete” you. You’ve been watching how my story unfolds here in Japan, you saw how I struggled to get here and you know that I wont be stopping at this “station”… We have to take different routes now, but you know I’m happy to know that I can keep walking my own path. Thanks for watching over me with just one eye, patiently, for 2 long years … farewell my friend!


La ardilla es amante del manga/anime, videojuegos, gadgets, Linux OS y demas cosas tecnologicas... tambien le agradan los deportes extremos y la fotografia :P Actualmente esta planeando la conquista mundial desde Japon.

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  1. October 13, 2010

    […] Aunque no suelo hacer mucho este tipo de cosas… en estos dos años siempre tuve un pequeño だるま[daruma] que me recordaba que tenia un objetivo y de alguna forma me hacia decirme a mi mismo “no […]

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