(We are not) Stones


Looking at the horizon, holding the ground that seems to be their own… waiting… waiting for something that may come any time… usually the less expected moment… sometimes the loneliness will hit hard, but faith and perseverance are stronger if you embrace your dreams… dream and start moving towards that point where you will start building your own fate…


La ardilla es amante del manga/anime, videojuegos, gadgets, Linux OS y demas cosas tecnologicas... tambien le agradan los deportes extremos y la fotografia :P Actualmente esta planeando la conquista mundial desde Japon.

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3 Responses

  1. AikasMX says:

    I like it, really much. We can´t only stay. “…dream and start moving”. Thank you for such an excellent photo & text.

  2. Tu china favorita says:

    Me quedé sin palabras. El texto es hermoso, la fotografía ni se diga; se va de Wallpaper right now, si el autor lo permite. (Y si no, también.)
    Te quiero.

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