Spring night

Spring Night

One of those nights when you just want to escape from the big concrete cell that everyone calls “city”… and you’re not the only one there, admiring the beauty that nature has for every single living being. Enjoy, my friend, because we don’t know if we’re going to able to do that again…


La ardilla es amante del manga/anime, videojuegos, gadgets, Linux OS y demas cosas tecnologicas... tambien le agradan los deportes extremos y la fotografia :P Actualmente esta planeando la conquista mundial desde Japon.

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1 Response

  1. Sdlion says:

    And I stopped,
    and even though everything was gray and the rain was falling like quiet tears,
    that tree in front the church remembered me that,
    in all this chaos called “my city”
    the beautiful details of being alive and the life itself around us,
    are still there.
    In this city that I’m looking through my eyes, and that I see when I close my eyes.
    It was like that Tree was there for me in that moment. Just waiting for someone who could stop in the rain, and appreciate its effort of looking just great.
    Beautiful picture, you remembered me that moment.

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