Afternoon by the pond

Afternoon by the pound

One of those days when I just step outside without a plan, just to walk around a neighborhood I already know… I sit down on the same old bench which welcomes me anytime I visit this place… suddenly I find myself lost in a deep and complicated thought, the air becomes heavy and I feel like if it were pushing me down… but a reflection over the water pulls my head to watch at the sky again… “you cannot miss this! enjoy it!” suddenly pops out in my head with a familiar voice in a different language and I can read in my mind… “How freaking good is to be alive and being able to find you in this huge world!”
Lets find out what lies ahead… together 😉


La ardilla es amante del manga/anime, videojuegos, gadgets, Linux OS y demas cosas tecnologicas... tambien le agradan los deportes extremos y la fotografia :P Actualmente esta planeando la conquista mundial desde Japon.

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