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Lonely star

Have you ever look at the sky and find out that there is only one star shining over the whole place?… well, sometimes there is. Sometimes we feel like that, but we must have...



And here I am… trying to find you in a place where you’re not around… lost in the crowd, I keep looking around but you are no where to be found… I keep walking...


Fight stories in B/W

This is the place where we meet… a sacred placed where we put our pride in the line… after years of practice, we are about to face each other for just a few seconds…...


Taking a rest

We keep walking our way, thinking about what say or what to do… maybe we just need to relax and then words and feelings will naturally flow and be heard and felt… so what...



Look out there… you are missing this moment, prepared by nature itself for us… I’m already here, sitting by the grass while I day-dream about something that is about to come… come and join...


My story

Here we are again my little friend… An appointment that had to wait for 2 years… but finally I’m here to “complete” you. You’ve been watching how my story unfolds here in Japan, you...



Some of those great hidden places can be found deep inside the forest, where the nature works together with the human kind to produce this kind of landscapes… natural mirrors for us to appreciate...



One of the oldest “dreams” of human kind… flying. Even though we are not meant to, some people struggle to make it real even for a moment… ’cause it feels great!



We are never alone, there will always be a friend that will listen to our rants and adventures… and sometimes a friend is the only one that can pull you out of a dark...



Sometimes, even when we have to make decisions as simple as “left or right” we can be confused and ended up overthinking as you try to “create” an image of what could happen… but...