What your Linux distro says about you…

Hoy me mando una pagina el buen Raskolnikov donde puedes encontrar lo que dice de ti la distribucion de Linux que usas, jejejeje en lo personal me parecio bastante gracioso, sobre todo la descripcion de SuSe y de Ubuntu, jejejeje pero bueno, de las distros que yo he usado son Slackware y Gentoo, aunque la de siempre y la que nunca cambio es Slackware por que Gentoo si es mucho desmadre instalarlo, jejeje aqui les dejo las descripciones de las distros y si quieren ver todas les dejo la direccion ( What your Linux distro says about you )
Slackware – Not only are you proud to be called a geek, but in role-playing terms you are a level-nine tech wizard with a spell of fireball handy. Even other Linux geeks are a little nervous around you. You use the word “wimp” a lot, when talking about things like GUIs and package managers. You program so much that you consider it a recreation.
Gentoo – You’re one of the few who can make a Slackware user back down. Your motto is “If you want it done right, do it yourself!” When you finished your first install of Gentoo in a record five days, you had an urge to go out and get a tattoo to commemorate the rite of passage. You know more programming languages than video game titles. You used to be the “computer fix-it” person, until you learned to quit answering your phone.


La ardilla es amante del manga/anime, videojuegos, gadgets, Linux OS y demas cosas tecnologicas... tambien le agradan los deportes extremos y la fotografia :P Actualmente esta planeando la conquista mundial desde Japon.

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